PDFRCW 43.185B.030

Affordable housing advisory boardDuties.

The affordable housing advisory board shall:
(1) Analyze those solutions and programs that could begin to address the state's need for housing that is affordable for all economic segments of the state, and special needs populations, including but not limited to programs or proposals which provide for:
(a) Financing for the acquisition, rehabilitation, preservation, or construction of housing;
(b) Use of publicly owned land and buildings as sites for affordable housing;
(c) Coordination of state initiatives with federal initiatives and financing programs that are referenced in the Cranston-Gonzalez national affordable housing act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 12701 et seq.), as amended, and development of an approved housing strategy as required in the Cranston-Gonzalez national affordable housing act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 12701 et seq.), as amended;
(d) Identification and removal, where appropriate and not detrimental to the public health and safety, or environment, of state and local regulatory barriers to the development and placement of affordable housing;
(e) Stimulating public and private sector cooperation in the development of affordable housing; and
(f) Development of solutions and programs affecting housing, including the equitable geographic distribution of housing for all economic segments, as the advisory board deems necessary;
(2) Consider both homeownership and rental housing as viable options for the provision of housing. The advisory board shall give consideration to various types of residential construction and innovative housing options, including but not limited to manufactured housing;
(3) Review, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding existing and proposed housing programs and initiatives including but not limited to tax policies, land use policies, and financing programs. The advisory board shall provide recommendations to the director, along with the department's response in the annual housing report to the legislature required in RCW 43.185B.040; and
(4) Prepare and submit to the director, by each December 1st, beginning December 1, 1993, a report detailing its findings and make specific program, legislative, and funding recommendations and any other recommendations it deems appropriate.
[ 1993 c 478 s 6.]