PDFRCW 43.211.005


The legislature finds that the implementation of a single easy to use telephone number, 211, for public access to information and referral for health and human services and information about access to services after a natural or nonnatural disaster will benefit the citizens of the state of Washington by providing easier access to available health and human services, by reducing inefficiencies in connecting people with the desired service providers, and by reducing duplication of efforts. The legislature further finds in a time of reduced resources for providing health and human services that establishing a cost-effective means to continue to provide information to the public about available services is important. The legislature further finds that an integrated statewide system of local information and referral service providers will build upon an already existing network of experienced service providers without the necessity of creating a new agency, department, or system to provide 211 services. The legislature further finds that no funds should be appropriated by the legislature to a 211 system under chapter 135, Laws of 2003 without receiving documentation that a 211 system will provide savings to the state.
[ 2003 c 135 § 1.]