PDFRCW 43.270.010


The legislature recognizes that statewide efforts aimed at reducing the incidence of substance abuse, including alcohol, tobacco, or other drug abuse, or violence must be increased. The legislature further recognizes that the most effective strategy for reducing the impact of alcohol, tobacco, other drug abuse, and violence is through the collaborative efforts of educators, law enforcement, local government officials, local treatment providers, and concerned community and citizens' groups.
The legislature intends to support the development and activities of community mobilization strategies against alcohol, tobacco, or other drug abuse, and violence, through the following efforts:
(1) Providing funding support for prevention, treatment, and enforcement activities identified by communities that have brought together education, treatment, local government, law enforcement, and other key elements of the community;
(2) Providing technical assistance and support to help communities develop and carry out effective activities; and
(3) Providing communities with opportunities to share suggestions for state program operations and budget priorities.
[ 2001 c 48 § 1; 1989 c 271 § 315.]