PDFRCW 43.280.095

Statewide training on Washington's human trafficking lawsTraining entityReport.

(1) The office of crime victims advocacy shall establish a statewide training program on Washington's human trafficking laws for criminal justice personnel.
(2) The training shall be provided where possible by an entity that has experience in developing coalitions, training, programs, and policy on human trafficking in Washington.
(3) The entity will provide or coordinate training for law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and court personnel covering Washington's state antitrafficking laws, the investigation of sex trafficking cases, and the adjudication of sex trafficking cases. The training shall encourage interdisciplinary coordination among criminal justice personnel, build cultural competency, and develop understanding of diverse victim populations including children, youth, and adults.
(4) The office shall provide a biennial report to the appropriate policy committees of the legislature on the statewide training program, with a focus on the effectiveness of the training.
[ 2015 c 101 § 2.]


Finding2015 c 101: "The legislature finds that in order to reduce instances of human trafficking in our state there needs to be a cohesive and concerted statewide training program provided to those in the law enforcement and legal community. This training is intended to help promote the use of existing laws to initiate sustainable and viable investigations, prosecutions, and adjudications in all jurisdictions across the state." [ 2015 c 101 § 1.]