PDFRCW 43.290.005


The legislature finds that it is in the public interest to create an office of international relations and protocol in order to: Make international relations and protocol a broad-based, focused, and functional part of state government; develop and promote state policies that increase international literacy and cross-cultural understanding among Washington state's citizens; expand Washington state's international cooperation role in such areas as the environment, education, science, culture, and sports; establish coordinated methods for responding to the increasing number of inquiries by foreign governments and institutions seeking cooperative activities within Washington state; provide leadership in state government on international relations and assistance to the legislature and state elected officials on international issues affecting the state; assist with multistate international efforts; and coordinate and improve communication and resource sharing among various state offices, agencies, and educational institutions with international programs.
It is the purpose of this chapter to bring these functions together in a new office under the office of the governor in order to establish a visible, coordinated, and comprehensive approach to international relations and protocol.
[ 1991 c 24 s 1.]


Transfer of authority1991 c 24: "All powers, duties, and functions of the office of international relations and protocol in the department of trade and economic development are transferred to the office of international relations and protocol under the office of the governor." [ 1991 c 24 s 8.]