PDFRCW 43.290.010

Office created.

The office of international relations and protocol is created under the office of the governor. The office shall serve as the state's official liaison and protocol office with foreign governments. The governor shall appoint a director of the office of international relations and protocol, who shall serve at the pleasure of the governor. Because of the diplomatic character of this office, the director and staff will be exempt from the provisions of chapter 41.06 RCW. The director will be paid a salary to be fixed by the governor in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.03.040. The director may hire such personnel as may be necessary for the general administration of the office. To the extent permitted by law, state agencies may temporarily loan staff to the office of international relations and protocol to assist in carrying out the office's duties and responsibilities under this chapter. An arrangement to temporarily loan staff must have the approval of the staff members to be loaned and the directors of the office and the agencies involved in the loan.
[ 1991 c 24 s 2.]