PDFRCW 43.310.010


Unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply throughout RCW 43.310.005 through 43.310.040 and *sections 5 and 7 through 10, chapter 497, Laws of 1993:
(1) "School" means any public school within a school district any portion of which is in a county with a population of over one hundred ninety thousand.
(2) "Community organization" means any organization recognized by a city or county as such, as well as private, nonprofit organizations registered with the secretary of state.
(3) "Gang risk prevention and intervention pilot program" means a community-based positive prevention and intervention program for gang members, potential gang members, at-risk youth, and elementary through high school-aged youth directed at all of the following:
(a) Reducing the probability of youth involvement in gang activities and consequent violence.
(b) Establishing ties, at an early age, between youth and community organizations.
(c) Committing local business and community resources to positive programming for youth.
(d) Committing state resources to assist in creating the gang risk prevention and intervention pilot programs.
(4) "Cultural awareness retreat" means a program that temporarily relocates at-risk youth or gang members and their parents from their usual social environment to a different social environment, with the specific purpose of having them performing activities which will enhance or increase their positive behavior and potential life successes.
[ 1993 c 497 § 3.]


*Reviser's note: Sections 5 and 7 through 10, chapter 497, Laws of 1993 were vetoed.