PDFRCW 43.310.020

Gang risk prevention and intervention pilot programsRequest for proposals.

(1) The department of commerce may recommend existing programs or contract with either school districts or community organizations, or both, through a request for proposal process for the development, administration, and implementation in the county of community-based gang risk prevention and intervention pilot programs.
(2) Proposals by the school district for gang risk prevention and intervention pilot program grant funding shall begin with school years no sooner than the 1994-95 session, and last for a duration of two years.
(3) The school district or community organization proposal shall include:
(a) A description of the program goals, activities, and curriculum. The description of the program goals shall include a list of measurable objectives for the purpose of evaluation by the department of commerce. To the extent possible, proposals shall contain empirical data on current problems, such as dropout rates and occurrences of violence on and off campus by school-age individuals.
(b) A description of the individual school or schools and the geographic area to be affected by the program.
(c) A demonstration of broad-based support for the program from business and community organizations.
(d) A clear description of the experience, expertise, and other qualifications of the community organizations to conduct an effective prevention and intervention program in cooperation with a school or a group of schools.
(e) A proposed budget for expenditure of the grant.
(4) Grants awarded under this section may not be used for the administrative costs of the school district or the individual school.
[ 2023 c 470 § 2078; 1995 c 399 § 116; 1993 c 497 § 4.]


Explanatory statement2023 c 470: See note following RCW 10.99.030.