PDFRCW 43.310.030

Gang risk prevention and intervention pilot programsScope.

Gang risk prevention and intervention pilot programs shall include, but are not limited to:
(1) Counseling for targeted at-risk students, parents, and families, individually and collectively.
(2) Exposure to positive sports and cultural activities, promoting affiliations between youth and the local community.
(3) Job training, which may include apprentice programs in coordination with local businesses, job skills development at the school, or information about vocational opportunities in the community.
(4) Positive interaction with local law enforcement personnel.
(5) The use of local organizations to provide job search training skills.
(6) Cultural awareness retreats.
(7) The use of specified state resources, as requested.
(8) Full service schools under *section 9 of this act.
(9) Community service such as volunteerism and citizenship.
[ 1993 c 497 § 6.]


*Reviser's note: Section 9, chapter 497, Laws of 1993 was vetoed.