PDFRCW 43.330A.030

Statewide helpline, counseling, and referral service.

Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the office shall contract with a level one trauma center in the state of Washington to provide a statewide helpline, counseling, and referral service for victims, friends, and family members impacted by gun violence and community professionals, legal practitioners, health providers, and others who engage with them. The service must be developed in consultation with the office of crime victims advocacy established in RCW 43.280.080, and include the opportunity for brief clinical encounters, problem solving, and referral to the best statewide resources available to meet their needs. The service must become conversant with providers across the state that are trained in evidence-based trauma therapy and establish relationships to ensure specific knowledge of available resources. The office of crime victims advocacy established in RCW 43.280.080 must provide consultation within existing resources.
[ 2020 c 313 § 4.]


FindingIntent2020 c 313: See note following RCW 43.330A.020.