PDFRCW 43.384.900

FindingsPurpose2018 c 275.

(1) The legislature finds that the tourism industry is the fourth largest economic sector in the state of Washington and provides general economic benefit to the state. Since 2011 there have been minimal general funds committed to statewide tourism marketing and Washington is the only state without a state-funded tourism marketing program. Before 2011, the amount of funds appropriated to statewide tourism marketing was not significant and, in fact, Washington ranked forty-eighth in state tourism funding. Washington has significant attractions and activities for tourists, including many natural outdoor assets that draw visitors to mountains, waterways, parks, and open spaces. There should be a program to publicize these assets and activities to potential out-of-state visitors that is implemented in an expeditious manner by tourism professionals in the private sector.
(2) The purpose of chapter 275, Laws of 2018 is to establish the framework and funding for a statewide tourism marketing program. The program needs to have a structure that includes significant, stable, long-term funding, and it should be implemented and managed by the tourism industry. The source of funds should be from major sectors of the tourism industry with government assistance in collecting these funds and providing accountability for their expenditure. The dedicated sales tax authorized for contributions made in this chapter will bring direct benefits to those making contributions by bringing more tourists into the state who will patronize the participating businesses and create economic benefit for the state.
[ 2018 c 275 § 1.]