PDFRCW 43.392.040

Council responsibilitiesAnnual report.

(1) Interagency electric vehicle coordinating council responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
(a) Development of a statewide transportation electrification strategy to ensure market and infrastructure readiness for all new vehicle sales;
(b) Identification of all electric vehicle infrastructure grant-related funding to include existing and future opportunities, including state, federal, and other funds, and also nongrant-related funding, including revenues generated by an electric utility from credits under the clean fuels program for transportation electrification programs or projects pursuant to RCW 70A.535.080(2);
(c) Coordination of grant funding criteria across agency grant programs to most efficiently distribute state and federal electric vehicle-related funding in a manner that is most beneficial to the state, advances best practices, and recommends additional criteria that could be useful in advancing transportation electrification;
(d) Development of a robust public and private outreach plan that includes engaging with:
(i) Community organizers and the environmental justice council to develop community-driven programs to address zero emissions transportation needs and priorities in overburdened communities; and
(ii) Local governments to explore procurement opportunities and work with local government and community programs to support electrification;
(e) Creation of an industry electric vehicle advisory committee; and
(f) Ensuring the statewide transportation electrification strategy, grant distribution, programs, and activities associated with advancing transportation electrification benefit vulnerable and overburdened communities.
(2) The council shall provide an annual report to the appropriate committees of the legislature summarizing electric vehicle implementation progress, gaps, and resource needs.
[ 2023 c 431 § 13; 2022 c 182 § 429.]


Intent2023 c 431: See note following RCW 46.17.015.
IntentEffective date2022 c 182: See notes following RCW 70A.65.240.