PDFRCW 43.950.010

Continuation of existing law.

The provisions of this title insofar as they are substantially the same as statutory provisions repealed by this chapter, and relating to the same subject matter, shall be construed as restatements and continuations, and not as new enactments. Nothing in this 1965 reenactment of this title shall be construed as authorizing any new bond issues or new or additional appropriations of moneys but the bond issue authorizations herein contained shall be construed only as continuations of bond issues authorized by prior laws herein repealed and reenacted, and the appropriations of moneys herein contained are continued herein for historical purposes only and this act shall not be construed as a reappropriation thereof and no appropriation contained herein shall be deemed to be extended or revived hereby and such appropriation shall lapse or shall have lapsed in accordance with the original enactment.
[ 1965 c 8 s 43.198.010. Formerly RCW 43.198.010.]