RCW 46.09.510

Nonhighway and off-road vehicle activities program account.

The nonhighway and off-road vehicle activities program account is created in the state treasury. Moneys in this account are subject to legislative appropriation. The recreation and conservation funding board shall administer the account for purposes specified in this chapter and shall hold it separate and apart from all other money, funds, and accounts of the board. Grants, gifts, or other financial assistance, proceeds received from public bodies as administrative cost contributions, and any moneys made available to the state of Washington by the federal government for outdoor recreation may be deposited into the account.
[ 2007 c 241 § 15; 1995 c 166 § 11. Formerly RCW 46.09.165.]


IntentEffective date2007 c 241: See notes following RCW 79A.25.005.