PDFRCW 46.20.125

WaiverAgreement with other jurisdictions.

(1) The department may enter into an informal agreement with one or more other licensing jurisdictions to waive the requirement for the examination involving operating a motor vehicle by licensed drivers, age eighteen years or older, from that jurisdiction.
(2) The department may only enter into an agreement with a jurisdiction if:
(a) The jurisdiction has procedures in place to verify the validity of the drivers' licenses it issues; and
(b) The jurisdiction has agreed to waive all or any part of the driver's license examination requirements for Washington licensed drivers applying for a driver's license in that jurisdiction.
[ 2005 c 61 § 3.]


Intent2005 c 61: "The legislature recognizes the importance of global markets to our state and national economy. As a leader among states in international commerce, Washington houses many multinational corporations. Competition among states for foreign businesses and personnel is fierce and it is necessary to Washington's future economic viability to eliminate a significant regulatory barrier to efficient personnel exchange, resulting in a more attractive business climate in Washington. The legislature recognizes that more than twenty other states have entered into informal reciprocal agreements with other nations to waive driver's license testing requirements in order to ease the transition of personnel to and from those states. By removing an unnecessary barrier to efficient personnel mobility it is the intent of the legislature to strengthen and diversify Washington's economy." [ 2005 c 61 § 1.]