PDFRCW 46.20.510

Instruction permitFeeExaminationsDirector may adopt and enforce rules.

(1) Motorcycle instruction permit. A person holding a valid driver's license who wishes to learn to ride a motorcycle may apply for a motorcycle instruction permit. The department may issue a motorcycle instruction permit after the applicant has successfully passed all knowledge and skills examinations required and approved by the department. The director shall collect a fee of fifteen dollars for the motorcycle instruction permit or renewal, and deposit the fee in the motorcycle safety education account of the highway safety fund.
(a) The examination for a two-wheeled motorcycle instruction permit and the examination for a three-wheeled motorcycle instruction permit must be separate and distinct examinations.
(b) The department may authorize an entity that has entered into a contract authorized under RCW 46.20.520 to administer the motorcycle instruction permit examinations.
(c) If a motorcyclist fails the motorcycle endorsement skills test, but demonstrates a level of riding skill consistent with a motorcycle instruction permit, the department may waive any further skills testing required to obtain a motorcycle instruction permit.
(2) Effect of motorcycle instruction permit. A person holding a motorcycle instruction permit may drive a motorcycle upon the public highways if the person has immediate possession of the permit and a valid driver's license. An individual with a motorcyclist's instruction permit may not carry passengers and may not operate a motorcycle during the hours of darkness.
(3) Term of motorcycle instruction permit. A motorcycle instruction permit is valid for one hundred eighty days from the date of issue.
(a) The department may issue one additional one hundred eighty-day permit.
(b) The department may not issue more than two motorcycle instruction permits to an applicant within a five-year period.
(4) The director may adopt and enforce reasonable rules that are consistent with this section.
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