PDFRCW 46.29.140

Agreements for payment of damages.

(1) Any two or more of the persons involved in or affected by an accident as described in RCW 46.29.060 may at any time enter into a written agreement for the payment of an agreed amount with respect to all claims of any of such persons because of bodily injury to or death or property damage arising from such accident, which agreement may provide for payment in installments, and may file a signed copy thereof with the department.
(2) The department, to the extent provided by any such written agreement filed with it, shall not require the deposit of security and shall terminate any prior order of suspension, or, if security has previously been deposited, the department shall immediately return such security to the depositor or his or her personal representative.
(3) In the event of a default in any payment under such agreement and upon notice of such default the department shall take action suspending the license of such person in default as would be appropriate in the event of failure of such person to deposit security when required under this chapter.
(4) Such suspension shall remain in effect and such license shall not be restored unless and until:
(a) Security is deposited as required under this chapter in such amount as the department may then determine,
(b) When, following any such default and suspension, the person in default has paid the balance of the agreed amount,
(c) When, following any such default and suspension, the person in default has resumed installment payments under an agreement acceptable to the creditor, or
(d) Three years have elapsed following the accident and evidence satisfactory to the department has been filed with it that during such period no action at law upon such agreement has been instituted and is pending.
[ 2010 c 8 § 9032; 1981 c 309 § 2; 1963 c 169 § 14.]