PDFRCW 46.29.900

Construction1963 c 169.

RCW 46.29.010 through 46.29.640 shall be codified as a single chapter of the Revised Code of Washington. RCW 46.29.010 through 46.29.050 shall be captioned "ADMINISTRATION." RCW 46.29.060 through 46.29.240 shall be captioned "SECURITY FOLLOWING ACCIDENT." RCW 46.29.250 through 46.29.600 shall be captioned "PROOF OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FUTURE." RCW 46.29.610 through 46.29.620 shall be captioned "VIOLATIONS OF THIS CHAPTER." RCW 46.29.630 through 46.29.640 shall be captioned "MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS RELATING TO FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY." Such captions and subsection headings, as used in this chapter, do not constitute any part of the law.
[ 1963 c 169 § 67.]