PDFRCW 46.37.375

Steering and suspension systems.

(1) Construction of steering control system. The steering control system shall be constructed and maintained so that no components or attachments, including horn activating mechanism and trim hardware, can catch the driver's clothing or jewelry during normal driving maneuvers.
(2) Maintenance of steering control system. System play, lash, or free play in the steering system shall not exceed the values tabulated herein.
Steering wheel diameter
16 or less . . . .2
18 . . . .2-1/4
20 . . . .2-1/2
22 . . . .2-3/4
(3) Linkage play. Free play in the steering linkage shall not exceed one-quarter of an inch.
(4) Other components of the steering system such as the power steering belt, tie rods, or idler arms or Pitman arms shall not be broken, worn out, or show signs of breakage.
(5) Suspension condition. Ball joint seals shall not be cut or cracked. Structural parts shall not be bent or damaged. Stabilizer bars shall be connected. Springs shall not be broken, or extended by spacers. Shock absorber mountings, shackles, and U-bolts shall be securely attached. Rubber bushings shall not be cracked, or extruded out or missing from suspension joints. Radius rods shall not be missing or damaged.
(6) Shock absorber system. Shock absorbers shall not be loose from mountings, leak, or be inoperative.
(7) Alignment. Toe-in and toe-out measurements shall not be greater than one and one-half times the value listed in the vehicle manufacturer's service specification for alignment setting.
[ 1977 ex.s. c 355 § 31.]


Severability1977 ex.s. c 355: See note following RCW 46.37.010.
Lowering vehicle below legal clearance: RCW 46.61.680.