PDFRCW 46.37.590

OdometersPurchaser plaintiff to recover costs and attorney's fee, when.

In any suit brought by the purchaser of a motor vehicle against the seller of such vehicle, the purchaser shall be entitled to recover his or her court costs and a reasonable attorney's fee fixed by the court, if: (1) The suit or claim is based substantially upon the purchaser's allegation that the odometer on such vehicle has been tampered with contrary to RCW 46.37.540 and 46.37.550 or replaced contrary to RCW 46.37.560; and (2) it is found in such suit that the seller of such vehicle or any of his or her employees or agents knew or had reason to know that the odometer on such vehicle had been so tampered with or replaced and failed to disclose such knowledge to the purchaser prior to the time of sale.
[ 2010 c 8 § 9057; 1975 c 24 § 1; 1969 c 112 § 7.]