PDFRCW 46.55.050

Classification of trucksMarking requirementsTime and place of inspectionPenalty.

(1) Tow trucks shall be classified by towing capabilities, and shall meet or exceed all equipment standards set by the state patrol for the type of tow trucks to be used by an operator.
(2) All tow trucks shall display the firm's name, city of address, and telephone number. This information shall be painted on or permanently affixed to both sides of the vehicle in accordance with rules adopted by the department.
(3) Before a tow truck is put into tow truck service, or when the reinspection of a tow truck is necessary, the district commander of the state patrol shall designate a location and time for the inspection to be conducted. When practicable, the inspection or reinspection shall be made within three business days following the request by the operator.
(4) Failure to comply with any requirement of this section or rules adopted under it is a traffic infraction.
[ 1987 c 330 § 740; 1985 c 377 § 5.]


ConstructionApplication of rulesSeverability1987 c 330: See notes following RCW 28B.12.050.