PDFRCW 46.55.085

Law enforcement impoundUnauthorized vehicle in right-of-way.

(1) A law enforcement officer discovering an unauthorized vehicle left within a highway right-of-way shall attach to the vehicle a readily visible notification sticker. The sticker shall contain the following information:
(a) The date and time the sticker was attached;
(b) The identity of the officer;
(c) A statement that if the vehicle is not removed within twenty-four hours from the time the sticker is attached, the vehicle may be taken into custody and stored at the owner's expense;
(d) A statement that if the vehicle is not redeemed as provided in RCW 46.55.120, the registered owner will have committed the traffic infraction of litteringabandoned vehicle; and
(e) The address and telephone number where additional information may be obtained.
(2) If the vehicle has current Washington registration plates, the officer shall check the records to learn the identity of the last owner of record. The officer or his or her department shall make a reasonable effort to contact the owner by telephone in order to give the owner the information on the notification sticker.
(3) If the vehicle is not removed within twenty-four hours from the time the notification sticker is attached, the law enforcement officer may take custody of the vehicle and provide for the vehicle's removal to a place of safety. A vehicle that does not pose a safety hazard may remain on the roadside for more than twenty-four hours if the owner or operator is unable to remove it from the place where it is located and so notifies law enforcement officials and requests assistance.
(4) For the purposes of this section a place of safety includes the business location of a registered tow truck operator.
[ 2010 c 8 § 9062; 2002 c 279 § 6; 1993 c 121 § 1; 1987 c 311 § 6. Formerly RCW 46.52.170 and 46.52.180.]