PDFRCW 46.55.117

Impounds under RCW 64.44.050.

An impound under RCW 64.44.050 shall not be considered an impound under this chapter. A tow [truck] operator who contracts with a law enforcement agency for transporting a vehicle impounded under RCW 64.44.050 shall only remove the vehicle to a secure public facility, and is not required to store or dispose of the vehicle. The vehicle shall remain in the care, custody, and control of the law enforcement agency to be demolished, disposed of, or decontaminated as provided under RCW 64.44.050. The law enforcement agency shall pay for all costs incurred as a result of the towing if the vehicle owner does not pay within thirty days. The law enforcement agency may seek reimbursement from the owner.
[ 2008 c 201 § 3.]