RCW 46.70.083

Expiration of licenseRenewalCertification of established place of business.

The license of a vehicle dealer or a vehicle manufacturer expires on the date that is twelve consecutive months from the date of issuance. The license may be renewed by filing with the department prior to the expiration of the license, a renewal application containing such information as the department may require to indicate the number of vehicle sales transacted during the past year, and any material change in the information contained in the original application. Failure by the dealer to comply is grounds for denial of the renewal application or dealer license plate renewal.
The dealer's established place of business shall be certified by a representative of the department at least once every thirty-six months, or more frequently as determined necessary by the department. The certification will verify compliance with the requirements of this chapter for an established place of business. Failure by the dealer to comply at any time is grounds for license suspension or revocation, denial of the renewal application, or monetary assessment.
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