PDFRCW 46.76.020

Application for license.

Application for a transporter's license shall be made on a form provided for that purpose by the director of licensing and when executed shall be forwarded to the director together with the proper fee. The application shall contain the name and address of the applicant, state whether or not the license will be used to provide towing services for monetary compensation as described in RCW 46.55.025 and, if so, whether or not the applicant is a registered tow truck operator, and contain other information as the director may require.
[ 2008 c 19 s 1; 1979 c 158 s 189; 1967 c 32 s 91; 1961 c 12 s 46.76.020. Prior: 1947 c 97 s 2; Rem. Supp. 1947 s 6382-76.]