PDFRCW 46.76.030

Issuance of licensePlates, indicator tabs.

Upon receiving an application for transporter's license the director, if satisfied that the applicant is entitled thereto, shall issue a proper certificate of license registration and up to three distinctive sets of license plates or an indicator tab pursuant to RCW 46.55.065 and shall transmit the fees obtained therefor with a proper identifying report to the state treasurer, who shall deposit such fees in the motor vehicle fund. The certificate of license registration and license plates or indicator tab issued by the director shall authorize the holder of the license to drive or tow any motor vehicle or trailers upon the public highways of Washington state. The director, if satisfied that the applicant has sufficient business need, may issue more than three, but no more than 10, sets of license plates to meet the business need of the applicant. Registered tow truck operators licensed under chapter 46.55 RCW are not subject to this limit, with respect to indicator tabs.
[ 2021 c 161 s 1; 2018 c 135 s 3; 1967 c 32 s 92; 1961 c 12 s 46.76.030. Prior: 1947 c 97 s 3; Rem. Supp. 1947 s 6382-77.]


Effective date2021 c 161: "This act takes effect January 1, 2022." [ 2021 c 161 s 6.]
FindingsEffective date2018 c 135: See notes following RCW 46.55.065.