RCW 46.93.040

Determination of good cause, good faithPetition, notice, decision, appeal.

A new motorsports vehicle dealer who has received written notification from the manufacturer of the manufacturer's intent to terminate, cancel, or not renew the franchise, may file a petition with the department for a determination as to the existence of good cause and good faith for the termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of a franchise. The petition must contain a short statement setting forth the reasons for the dealer's objection to the termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of the franchise. Upon the filing of the petition and the receipt of the filing fee, the department shall promptly notify the manufacturer that a timely petition has been filed and shall request the appointment of an administrative law judge under chapter 34.12 RCW to conduct a hearing. The franchise in question continues in full force and effect pending the administrative law judge's decision. If the decision of the administrative law judge terminating, canceling, or failing to renew a dealer's franchise is appealed by a dealer or manufacturer, the franchise continues in full force and effect until all appeals to a superior court or any appellate court have been completed. Nothing in this section precludes a manufacturer or dealer from petitioning the superior court for a stay or other relief pending judicial review.
[ 2003 c 354 § 4.]