RCW 46.93.100

Warranty work.

(1) Each manufacturer shall specify in its franchise agreement, or in a separate written agreement, with each of its dealers licensed in this state, the dealer's obligation to perform warranty work or service on the manufacturer's products. Each manufacturer shall provide each of its dealers with a schedule of compensation to be paid to the dealer for any warranty work or service, including parts, labor, and diagnostic work, required of the dealer by the manufacturer in connection with the manufacturer's products, and for work on and preparation of motorsports vehicles received from the manufacturer. The compensation may not be less than the rates reasonably charged by the dealer for like services and parts to retail customers. The compensation may not be reduced by the manufacturer for any reason or made conditional on an activity outside the performance of warranty work.
(2) All claims for warranty work for parts and labor made by dealers under this section must be paid by the manufacturer within thirty days after approval, and must be approved or denied within thirty days of receipt by the manufacturer. Denial of a claim must be in writing with the specific grounds for denial. The manufacturer may audit claims for warranty work and charge the dealer for any unsubstantiated, incorrect, or false claims for a period of one year after payment. However, the manufacturer may audit and charge the dealer for any fraudulent claims during any period for which an action for fraud may be commenced under applicable state law.
(3) All claims submitted by dealers on the forms and in the manner specified by the manufacturer must be either approved or disapproved within thirty days after their receipt. The manufacturer shall notify the dealer in writing of a disapproved claim, and shall set forth the reasons why the claim was not approved. A claim not specifically disapproved in writing within thirty days after receipt is approved, and the manufacturer is required to pay that claim within thirty days of receipt of the claim.
[ 2003 c 354 § 10.]