Chapter 46.96 RCW



46.96.010Legislative findings.
46.96.030Termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of franchise restricted.
46.96.035Payment of fair market value of dealer goodwill upon request and termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of franchise.
46.96.040Determination of good cause, good faithPetition, notice, decision, appeal.
46.96.050Determination of good cause, good faithHearing, decision, proceduresJudicial review.
46.96.060Good cause, what constitutesBurden of proof.
46.96.070Notice of termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal.
46.96.080Payments by manufacturer to dealer for inventory, equipment, etc.
46.96.090Payments by manufacturer for dealership facilities.
46.96.095Compensation by manufacturer for labor and parts required to perform recall repairsApplicability to certain used vehiclesReimbursement claimsRecovery of costsRemedy, exclusive.
46.96.100Mitigation of damages.
46.96.105Warranty work.
46.96.110Designated successor to franchise ownership.
46.96.140Relevant market areaDefinitionNew or relocated dealerships, notice of.
46.96.150Protest of new or relocated dealershipHearingArbitration.
46.96.160Factors considered by administrative law judge.
46.96.170HearingProcedures, costs, appeal.
46.96.185Unfair practicesExemptionsDefinitions.
46.96.190Prohibited practices by manufacturer.
46.96.192Prohibited practices by manufacturerAdverse action against dealer if vehicle exported or resold by customer.
46.96.194Prohibited practices by manufacturerDealer waiver of chapterExceptions.
46.96.196Practices by brand owner.
46.96.200Sale, transfer, or exchange of franchise.
46.96.210Petition and hearingFiling fee, costs, security.
46.96.220Right of first refusal.
46.96.230Manufacturer incentive programs.
46.96.250Immunity of franchisees and assigns.
46.96.260Civil actions for violations.
46.96.270Release of dealer and customer data and informationAccess to management computer systemsImmunity.