RCW 46.96.192

Prohibited practices by manufacturerAdverse action against dealer if vehicle exported or resold by customer.

A manufacturer may not take or threaten to take any adverse action against a new motor vehicle dealer, including charge backs, reducing vehicle allocations, or terminating or threatening to terminate a franchise, because the dealer sold or leased a vehicle to a customer who exported the vehicle to a foreign country or who resold the vehicle, unless the manufacturer or distributor definitively proves that the dealer knew or reasonably should have known that the customer intended to export or resell the vehicle. A manufacturer or distributor shall, upon demand, indemnify, hold harmless, and defend any existing or former franchisee or franchisee's successors or assigns from any and all claims asserted, or damages sustained and attorneys' fees and other expenses reasonably incurred by the franchisee that result from or relate to any claim made or asserted, by a third party against the franchisee for any policy, program, or other behavior suggested by the manufacturer for sales of vehicles to parties that intend to export a vehicle purchased from the franchisee.
[ 2010 c 178 § 10.]