RCW 46.96.240


Notwithstanding the provisions of a franchise agreement or other provision of law to the contrary, the venue for a cause of action, claim, lawsuit, administrative hearing or proceeding, arbitration, or mediation, whether arising under this chapter or otherwise, in which the parties or litigants are a manufacturer or distributor and one or more motor vehicle dealers, is the state of Washington. It is the public policy of this state that venue provided for in this section may not be modified or waived in any contract or other agreement, and any provision contained in a franchise agreement that requires arbitration or litigation to be conducted outside the state of Washington is void and unenforceable.
This section does not apply to a voluntary dispute resolution procedure that is not binding on the dealer.
[ 2003 c 21 § 6.]


Captions not law2003 c 21: See note following RCW 46.96.020.