PDFRCW 47.01.061

CommissionProcedures and internal operations.

(1) The commission shall meet at such times as it deems advisable but at least on a quarterly basis with meetings to be held in different parts of the state. It may adopt its own rules and regulations and may establish its own procedure. It shall act collectively in harmony with recorded resolutions or motions adopted by majority vote of at least four members. The commission may appoint an executive director, and shall elect one of its members chair for a term of one year. The chair may vote on all matters before the commission. The commission may from time to time retain planners, consultants, and other technical personnel to advise it in the performance of its duties.
(2) The commission shall submit to each regular session of the legislature held in an odd-numbered year its own budget proposal necessary for the commission's operations separate from that proposed for the department.
(3) Each member of the commission shall be compensated in accordance with RCW 43.03.250 and shall be reimbursed for actual necessary traveling and other expenses in going to, attending, and returning from meetings of the commission, and actual and necessary traveling and other expenses incurred in the discharge of such duties as may be requested by a majority vote of the commission or by the secretary of transportation, but in no event shall the entire commission membership be compensated for more than one thousand two hundred thirty days combined. Service on the commission shall not be considered as service credit for the purposes of any public retirement system.
(4) Each member of the commission shall disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, if applicable under the circumstance, regarding any commission business.
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FindingsIntentPart headingsEffective dates2005 c 319: See notes following RCW 43.17.020.
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