PDFRCW 47.04.140

Counties obtaining federal aid for construction, reconstruction, etc., of ferry boats or approaches.

Whenever a county that operates or proposes to operate ferries obtains federal aid for the construction, reconstruction, or modification of any ferry boat or approaches thereto under Title 23, United States Code, the following provisions apply to the county's operation of its ferries:
(1) The county shall obtain from the department a franchise authorizing the ferry operations. The county's application for a franchise or amended franchise shall designate all ferry routes it proposes to operate. The department shall issue the franchise or amended franchise for the operation of each route that it finds is not otherwise served by adequate transportation facilities. A county may terminate any ferry route without approval of the department.
(2) At least ninety days before applying for federal aid for the construction, reconstruction, or modification of any of its ferries or approaches thereto, and thereafter whenever new tolls or charges are proposed for use of its ferries, the county shall file with the department, the current or proposed schedule of tolls and charges for use of its ferries. Such tolls and charges shall be deemed approved by the department unless it finds that the aggregate revenues to be derived from the county's ferry operations will exceed the amount required to pay the actual and necessary costs of operation, maintenance, administration, and repair of the county's ferries and their appurtenances.
[ 1989 c 62 § 1; 1984 c 7 § 91; 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 65 § 1.]