PDFRCW 47.06.020

Role of department.

The specific role of the department in transportation planning must be, consistent with the policy goals described under RCW 47.04.280: (1) Ongoing coordination and development of statewide transportation policies that guide all Washington transportation providers; (2) ongoing development of a statewide multimodal transportation plan that includes both state-owned and state-interest facilities and services; (3) coordinating the state high capacity transportation planning and regional transportation planning programs; (4) conducting special transportation planning studies that impact state transportation facilities or relate to transportation facilities and services of statewide significance; and (5) assisting the transportation commission in the development of the statewide transportation plan required under RCW 47.01.071(4). Specific requirements for each of these state transportation planning components are described in this chapter.
[ 2007 c 516 s 9; 1993 c 446 s 2.]


FindingsIntent2007 c 516: See note following RCW 47.01.011.