Chapter 47.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.12.010Acquisition of property authorizedCondemnation actionsCost.
HTMLPDF 47.12.011Purchase options authorized.
HTMLPDF 47.12.015"Reservation boundary" defined.
HTMLPDF 47.12.023Acquisition of state lands or interests or rights thereinProceduresCompensationReacquisition by department of natural resources.
HTMLPDF 47.12.026Acquisition of state lands or interests or rights thereinEasementsRemoval of materialsRelocation of railroad tracks.
HTMLPDF 47.12.029Acquisition of state lands or interests or rights thereinCertain purposes prohibited.
HTMLPDF 47.12.040Acquisition of property from a political subdivision.
HTMLPDF 47.12.044Proceedings to acquire property or rights for highway purposesPrecedence.
HTMLPDF 47.12.050Work on remaining land as payment.
HTMLPDF 47.12.055Notification requirements.
HTMLPDF 47.12.063Surplus real property program.
HTMLPDF 47.12.064Affordable housingInventory of suitable property.
HTMLPDF 47.12.066Sale or lease of personal propertyProvision of servicesProceeds.
HTMLPDF 47.12.080Sale or exchange of unused land.
HTMLPDF 47.12.120Lease of unused highway land or air space.
HTMLPDF 47.12.125Lease of unused highway land or air spaceDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 47.12.140Severance and sale of timber and other personaltyRemoval of nonmarketable materials.
HTMLPDF 47.12.150Acquisition, exchange of property to relocate displaced facility.
HTMLPDF 47.12.160Acquisition of land outside highway right-of-way to minimize damage.
HTMLPDF 47.12.180Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsFormal declarations.
HTMLPDF 47.12.190Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsPurchase or condemnation.
HTMLPDF 47.12.200Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsAgreements with state finance committee.
HTMLPDF 47.12.210Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsWarrants on motor vehicle fund.
HTMLPDF 47.12.220Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsProvisions in agreement.
HTMLPDF 47.12.230Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsWarrant form and procedure.
HTMLPDF 47.12.240Additional financing methods for property and engineering costsPayment procedurePrior charge.
HTMLPDF 47.12.242"Advance right-of-way acquisition" defined.
HTMLPDF 47.12.244Advance right-of-way revolving fund.
HTMLPDF 47.12.246Reimbursement to advance right-of-way revolving fund.
HTMLPDF 47.12.248Structures acquired in advance of programmed constructionMaintenance.
HTMLPDF 47.12.250Acquisition of property for preservation, safety, buffer purposes.
HTMLPDF 47.12.270Acquisition of property for park and ride lots.
HTMLPDF 47.12.283Sale of real property authorizedProcedureDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 47.12.287Exchange of real property authorizedConveyance by deed.
HTMLPDF 47.12.290Sale of real propertyExecution, acknowledgment, and delivery of deed.
HTMLPDF 47.12.320Sale of propertyListing with broker.
HTMLPDF 47.12.330Advanced environmental mitigationAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 47.12.340Advanced environmental mitigation revolving account.
HTMLPDF 47.12.350Advanced environmental mitigationSite managementReimbursement of account.
HTMLPDF 47.12.370Environmental mitigationExchange agreements.
HTMLPDF 47.12.380Limited project, department may establishLease of property.


Acquisition of real property subject to local improvement assessments: RCW 79.44.190.
Acquisition of rights-of-way, city streets: RCW 47.24.030.