PDFRCW 47.14.010

Legislative finding, intent.

The legislature finds that in numerous areas throughout the state, rapid expansion of residential, commercial, industrial, and business activities is producing increased traffic levels. The legislature further finds that many property owners have exhibited a willingness to donate real property or property rights for transportation improvements to accommodate such increases in traffic. The legislature recognizes that the cost of right-of-way acquisition is often a significant, and even a prohibitive cost element in many transportation improvement projects.
The legislature seeks to encourage the voluntary donation of right-of-way to the state, counties, cities, and towns for transportation improvements recognizing that such donations can result in direct benefits to property owners, developers, and the community at large.
It is the intent of the legislature to further facilitate the department of transportation's authority under RCW 47.12.010, 47.24.030, and 47.52.050 to accept donations of right-of-way for state transportation purposes. The legislature further intends to facilitate the authority of a city, town, or county to accept donations of right-of-way for other transportation purposes.
The legislature therefore declares it to be in the best interest and welfare of the citizens of Washington for the state department of transportation, and for counties, cities, and towns to actively foster and encourage donations of right-of-way by willing donors in all areas where transportation improvements are to be made. In addition, and in lieu of monetary compensation for property needed for right-of-way purposes, the legislature seeks to provide incentives to potential donors such as are set forth in RCW 47.14.030 and 47.14.040.
[ 1987 c 267 § 1.]