PDFRCW 47.26.086

Transportation improvement account projectsLimitations.

Transportation improvement account projects selected for funding programs after fiscal year 1995 are governed by the requirements of this section.
The board shall allocate funds from the account by June 30th of each year for the ensuing fiscal year to urban counties, cities with a population of five thousand and over, and to transportation benefit districts. Projects may include, but are not limited to, multiagency projects and arterial improvement projects in fast-growing areas. The board shall endeavor to provide geographical diversity in selecting improvement projects to be funded from the account.
To be eligible to receive these funds, a project must be consistent with the Growth Management Act, the Clean Air Act including conformity, and the Commute Trip Reduction Law and consideration must have been given to the project's relationship, both actual and potential, with the statewide rail passenger program and rapid mass transit. Projects must be consistent with any adopted high capacity transportation plan, must consider existing or reasonably foreseeable congestion levels attributable to economic development or growth and all modes of transportation and safety, and must be partially funded by local government or private contributions, or a combination of such contributions. Priority consideration shall be given to those projects with the greatest percentage of local or private contribution, or both.
Within one year after board approval of an application for funding, the lead agency shall provide written certification to the board of the pledged local and private funding for the phase of the project approved. Funds allocated to an applicant that does not certify its funding within one year after approval may be reallocated by the board.
[ 2011 c 120 § 7; 1994 c 179 § 11.]