PDFRCW 47.26.345

Small city pavement and sidewalk funding.

All cities and towns with a population of less than five thousand are eligible to receive money from the small city pavement and sidewalk account created under RCW 47.26.340 for maintenance, repair, and resurfacing of city and town streets. For the purposes of determining population under this section, cities may include or exclude the population of any state correctional facility located within the city. The board shall determine the allocation of money based on:
(1) The amount of available funds within the small city pavement and sidewalk account;
(2) Whether the city or town meets one or more of the following criteria:
(a) The city or town has identified a street in a six-year transportation improvement plan, as defined by RCW 35.77.010, or a project identified through the use of a pavement management system;
(b) The city or town has provided pavement rating information on the proposed street improvement or street network improvement;
(c) The city or town has provided sidewalk information on the proposed sidewalk system improvement;
(d) The city or town has provided information, where available, on traffic conditions for truck routes, bus routes, and traffic volumes;
(e) The city or town has the ability to provide a local match as demonstrated by one or more of the following:
(i) A funding match based upon a city's assessed valuation;
(ii) Community involvement and support, including volunteer participation, such as landscaping and maintaining landscaping along the street or sidewalk system; or
(iii) Partnership efforts with federal or other state programs, including the department of commerce mainstreet program.
[ 2011 c 14 § 3; 2005 c 83 § 3.]


FindingsEffective dates2005 c 83: See notes following RCW 47.26.340.