PDFRCW 47.26.501

TermSignaturesRegistrationNegotiable instruments.

Each of such bonds shall be made payable at any time not exceeding thirty years from the date of its issuance, with such reserved rights of prior redemption, bearing such interest, and such terms and conditions, as the state finance committee may prescribe to be specified therein. The bonds shall be signed by the governor and the state treasurer under the seal of the state, either or both of which signatures may be in printed facsimile, and any coupons attached to such bonds shall be signed by the same officers whose signatures thereon may be in printed facsimile. Any bonds may be registered in the name of the holder on presentation to the state treasurer or at the fiscal agency of the state of Washington in Seattle or New York City, as to principal alone, or as to both principal and interest under such rules as the state treasurer may adopt. Such bonds shall be payable at such places as the state finance committee may provide. All bonds issued hereunder shall be fully negotiable instruments.
[ 1993 c 440 § 2.]