PDFRCW 47.26.502

DenominationsManner and terms of saleState investment.

The bonds issued under RCW 47.26.500 through 47.26.507 shall be in denominations to be prescribed by the state finance committee and may be sold in such manner and in such amounts and at such times and on such terms and conditions as the committee may prescribe. The state finance committee may obtain insurance, letters of credit, or other credit facility devices with respect to the bonds and may authorize the execution and delivery of agreements, promissory notes, and other obligations for the purpose of insuring the payment or enhancing the marketability of the bonds. Promissory notes or other obligations issued pursuant to this section shall not constitute a debt or the contracting of indebtedness under any constitutional or statutory indebtedness limitation if their payment is conditioned upon the failure of the state to pay the principal of or interest on the bonds with respect to which the promissory notes or other obligations relate. The state finance committee may authorize the issuance of short-term obligations in lieu of long-term obligations for the purposes of more favorable interest rates, lower total interest costs, and increased marketability and for the purpose of retiring the bonds during the life of the project for which they were issued. Bonds issued under the provisions of RCW 47.26.500 through 47.26.507 shall be legal investment for any of the funds of the state, except the permanent school fund.
[ 1993 c 440 § 3.]