PDFRCW 47.32.090

Sureties on bondHearing on claim.

The sureties on such bond shall justify as in other cases if the sheriff requires it and in case they do not so justify when required, the sheriff shall retain and sell or dispose of the property; and if the sheriff does not require the sureties to justify, he or she shall stand good for their sufficiency. He or she shall date and indorse his or her acceptance upon the bond, and shall return the affidavit, bond and justification, if any, to the office of the clerk of such superior court, whereupon such clerk shall set the hearing thereof as a separate case for trial, in which such claimant shall be the plaintiff and the sheriff and the state of Washington defendants: PROVIDED, That no costs shall, in such case, be assessed against the sheriff or the state of Washington in the event the plaintiff should prevail.
[ 2010 c 8 s 10012; 1961 c 13 s 47.32.090. Prior: 1937 c 53 s 76; RRS s 6400-76; prior: 1925 ex.s. c 131 s 10; RRS s 6837-10.]