PDFRCW 47.36.270

Regional shopping center directional signs.

Regional shopping center directional signs shall be erected and maintained on state highway right-of-way if they meet each of the following criteria:
(1) There shall be at least five hundred thousand square feet of retail floor space available for lease at the regional shopping center;
(2) The regional shopping center shall contain at least three major department stores that are owned by a national or regional retail chain organization;
(3) The shopping center shall be located within one mile of the roadway;
(4) The center shall generate at least nine thousand daily one-way vehicle trips to the center;
(5) There is sufficient space available for installation of the directional sign as specified in the Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices;
(6) Supplemental follow-through directional signing is required at key decision points to direct motorists to the shopping center if it is not clearly visible from the point of exit from the main traveled way.
The department shall collect from the regional shopping center a reasonable fee based upon the cost of erection and maintenance of the directional sign.
[ 1987 c 469 s 1.]