PDFRCW 47.38.090

Reconfiguration of maintenance operationsPlanning processReport.

(1) Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the department is directed to reconfigure its maintenance operations to assure that its owned and operated safety rest areas are open for use except for seasonal closures or cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.
(2) The department may initiate a strategic planning process that addresses the maintenance, operation, and safety of its owned and operated safety rest areas. At a minimum, this plan shall evaluate operations, maintenance, safety, and commercial motor vehicle parking at safety rest areas. The department must engage members from the freight community and other stakeholders for recommendations and solutions. The department must also coordinate with the office of intergovernmental coordination on public right-of-way homeless encampments established in *Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill No. 5662 (right-of-way camping/housing). The plan must identify strategies that the department can employ to ensure commercial motor vehicle parking is available at state-owned and operated safety rest areas. The department shall prioritize the planning effort to conclude by the end of the 2021-2023 biennium.
(3) The department must report to the transportation committees of the legislature the changes that have been made to or are planned to be made to operation of the safety rest areas by January 15, 2023, including recommendations related to commercial vehicle parking.
[ 2022 c 262 § 2.]


*Reviser's note: Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill No. 5662 was not enacted during the 2022 legislative session.