PDFRCW 47.39.050

Planning and design standardsFacilities and factors considered.

Planning and design standards established for highways falling within the scenic and recreational highways system may include, but shall not be limited to, provision for the following:
(1) Hiking, bicycle, and bridle trails, including regulations for their use;
(2) Campsites and shelters;
(3) Boat launching sites;
(4) Access trails to lakes, rivers and streams, and easements along their shores;
(5) Safety rest areas;
(6) Historic and geologic interpretative facilities;
(7) Scenic observation facilities;
(8) Roadside landscaping, restoration and aesthetic enhancement;
(9) Specifically delineated highway corridors and means for the preservation of natural beauty, historic sites, or viewpoints;
(10) A uniform system of signs and markers designating the various features and facilities of the scenic and recreational highway systems.
[ 1967 ex.s. c 85 § 5.]