PDFRCW 47.39.100

Removal of designation.

(1) The commission may remove the designation of a route if it no longer possesses the intrinsic qualities or fails to meet the criteria that supported its designation.
(2) The department shall determine whether a roadway designated as a national scenic byway or an All-American Roadway is being properly maintained in accordance with the roadway's byway management plan, including preserving the intrinsic qualities that originally supported the designation. When the department determines that the intrinsic qualities of a national scenic byway or All-American Roadway have not been maintained sufficiently to retain its designation, the department shall notify the party responsible for maintaining the designation of the finding and allow the party an opportunity, under federal regulations, for corrective action before formal removal of the designation of the roadway.
(3) Local, regional, or other governmental bodies may notify the commission of the removal of a designated route if they determine it no longer meets the designation criteria, or community support for the designation no longer exists, or it no longer possesses the intrinsic qualities that supported its original designation.
(4) State or local removal of a designated route will result in discontinued state support of the designated route and can include, but is not limited to, state matching assistance for grant applications, the removal of signs directly related to the byway, free promotional information in the state-owned safety rest areas, and inclusion in maps, brochures, and electronic media.
[ 1999 c 218 § 7.]


Effective date1999 c 218: See note following RCW 47.39.010.