Chapter 47.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.46.010Finding.
HTMLPDF 47.46.011FindingIntent2002 c 114.
HTMLPDF 47.46.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 47.46.030Demonstration projectsSelectionPublic involvement.
HTMLPDF 47.46.040Demonstration projectsTerms of agreementsPublic participation.
HTMLPDF 47.46.050Financial arrangements.
HTMLPDF 47.46.060Deferral of taxesApplicationRepayment.
HTMLPDF 47.46.070Use of state bonds on certain projects.
HTMLPDF 47.46.080State toll facilities authorized for projects.
HTMLPDF 47.46.090Citizen advisory committeeTolls.
HTMLPDF 47.46.091Tacoma Narrows bridge citizen advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 47.46.100TollsSettingLien on.
HTMLPDF 47.46.105TollsElectronic toll collection and photo toll systemsAdministrative feesViolation.
HTMLPDF 47.46.110TollsTerm, use.
HTMLPDF 47.46.120Toll increases in excess of fiscal growth factor.
HTMLPDF 47.46.130Use of state bond proceeds.
HTMLPDF 47.46.140Repayment of motor vehicle fund from toll charges.
HTMLPDF 47.46.150Alteration not a new proposal.
HTMLPDF 47.46.160Applicable rules and statutes.
HTMLPDF 47.46.170Application of RCW 47.46.040 and 47.46.050.
HTMLPDF 47.46.180Legislative oversight committee.
HTMLPDF 47.46.190Tacoma Narrows bridge facility fundingIntentState contribution loansPrivate right of action not created.
HTMLPDF 47.46.200ReportsDetermination of contribution amount from nontoll sourcesMaintenance of debt service plan repayment schedule—Annual expected toll revenue information to be used for repayment of state contribution loans—Private right of action not created.
HTMLPDF 47.46.900Effective date1993 c 370.