PDFRCW 47.46.100

TollsSettingLien on.

(1) The commission shall fix the rates of toll and other charges for all toll bridges built under this chapter that are financed primarily by bonds issued by the state. Subject to RCW 47.46.090, the commission may impose and modify toll charges from time to time as conditions warrant.
(2) In establishing toll charges, the commission shall give due consideration to any required costs for operating and maintaining the toll bridge or toll bridges, including the cost of insurance, and to any amount required by law to meet the redemption of bonds and interest payments on them.
(3) The toll charges must be imposed in amounts sufficient to:
(a) Provide annual revenue sufficient to provide for annual operating and maintenance expenses, except as provided in RCW 47.56.245;
(b) Make payments required under RCW 47.56.165 and 47.46.140, including insurance costs and the payment of principal and interest on bonds issued for any particular toll bridge or toll bridges; and
(c) Repay the motor vehicle fund under RCW 47.46.110, 47.56.165, and 47.46.140.
(4) The bond principal and interest payments, including repayment of the motor vehicle fund for amounts transferred from that fund to provide for such principal and interest payments, constitute a first direct and exclusive charge and lien on all tolls and other revenues from the toll bridge concerned, subject to operating and maintenance expenses.
[ 2002 c 114 § 7.]


FindingIntent2002 c 114: See RCW 47.46.011.
Captions not law2002 c 114: See note following RCW 47.46.011.