PDFRCW 47.48.060

Registry of persons allowed access to property to conduct fire prevention despite closuresLiability.

(1) Each county sheriff may, until a model policy pursuant to RCW 36.28A.140 is developed and implemented in the sheriff's county, establish and maintain a registry of persons authorized to access their land during a forest [fire] or wildfire. Upon request, the sheriff must include in the registry persons who demonstrate ownership of agriculture land or forestland within the county and who possess equipment that may be used for fire prevention or suppression activities. Persons included in the registry must be allowed to access their property to conduct fire prevention or suppression activities despite the closure of any state highway, county road, or city street under this chapter.
(2)(a) Residents, landowners, and others in lawful possession and control of land in the state are not liable for unintentional injuries or loss suffered by persons entering upon, or passing through, their land pursuant to this section.
(b) Federal, state, and local agencies, and their employees, are not liable for any action, or failure to act, when facilitating the access described in this section.
[ 2007 c 252 § 2.]