PDFRCW 47.50.030

Regulating connections.

(1) Vehicular access and connections to or from the state highway system shall be regulated by the permitting authority in accordance with the provisions of this chapter in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.
(2) The department shall by July 1, 1992, adopt administrative procedures pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW which establish state highway access standards and rules for its issuance and modification of access permits, closing of unpermitted connections, revocation of permits, and waiver provisions in accordance with this chapter. The department shall consult with the association of Washington cities and obtain concurrence of the city design standards committee as established by RCW 35.78.030 in the development and adoption of rules for access standards for city streets designated as state highways under chapter 47.24 RCW.
(3) Cities and towns shall, no later than July 1, 1993, adopt standards for access permitting on streets designated as state highways which meet or exceed the department's standards, provided that such standards may not be inconsistent with standards adopted by the department.
[ 1991 c 202 § 3.]


Captions not lawEffective dateSeverability1991 c 202: See notes following RCW 47.50.010.