PDFRCW 47.50.080

Permit removal.

(1) Unpermitted connections to the state highway system in existence on July 1, 1990, shall not require the issuance of a permit and may continue to provide access to the state highway system, unless the permitting authority determines that such a connection does not meet minimum acceptable standards of highway safety. However, a permitting authority may require that a permit be obtained for such a connection if a significant change occurs in the use, design, or traffic flow of the connection or of the state highway to which it provides access. If a permit is not obtained, the connection may be closed pursuant to RCW 47.50.040.
(2) Access permits granted prior to adoption of the permitting authorities' standards shall remain valid until modified or revoked. Access connections to state highways identified on plats and subdivisions approved prior to July 1, 1991, shall be deemed to be permitted pursuant to chapter 202, Laws of 1991. The permitting authority may, after written notification, under rules adopted in accordance with RCW 47.50.030, modify or revoke an access permit granted prior to adoption of the standards by requiring relocation, alteration, or closure of the connection if a significant change occurs in the use, design, or traffic flow of the connection.
(3) The permitting authority may issue a nonconforming access permit after finding that to deny an access permit would leave the property without a reasonable means of access to the public roads of this state. Every nonconforming access permit shall specify limits on the maximum vehicular use of the connection and shall be conditioned on the availability of future alternative means of access for which access permits can be obtained.
[ 1991 c 202 § 8.]


Captions not lawEffective dateSeverability1991 c 202: See notes following RCW 47.50.010.